Bespoke Roof Lights & Domes

These examples can be manufactured to the sizes you require.

All frames are made of Aluminium to SI CH4 standard for all rooflights, which we press and bend to the appropriate section, which are then welded with high frequency T.I.G. welds. Galvanised mild steel Zintec can also be used in manufacturing as above, except welds are manually metal arc (MMA) weld. All welds are continuous seam welds for longevity and weathering. Finishes can be mill finished aluminium or optionally polyester powder coated to any standard R.A.L. colour. Galvanised steel is white primed to exposed faces, G.R.P. white impregnated.

Glazing can be laminated, Stripstyle or Georgian wired glass or a double glazed unit (6mm float, 12mm air space, 4mm K glass, laminated to 6mm float glass – for example).