Staying ahead of the curve;
keeping our feet firmly on the flat glass floor

With origins tracing back over 185 years, Novaglaze has long been considered an innovator in the world of glass.  Originally trading as Gardner and Newton Ltd, we were one of the world’s earliest pioneers of curved glass.

Messrs. Gardner and Newton started curving glass in 1836 after founding a factory in St Helen’s, the traditional heartland of the glass industry. In 2006, after 170 years in the industry, the company joined forces with another of the leading curved glass manufacturers, Novaglaze.  The new partnership quickly led to far greater levels of production and thus required much more space on the factory floor.   This led to an inevitable move from the original factory in St Helens to pastures new.  After much searching and careful deliberation, a 46,000 sq ft factory in Lockwood, Huddersfield was chosen as our new home)

Nowadays, Novaglaze offers all its customers a wide range of glass products including curved glass, flat glass, laminated glass and insulated glass units (double/triple glazing); all of which are available in annealed, heat-strengthened and toughened form. CNC cutting, CNC edging, waterjetting, drilling, sandblasting, digital printing and painting are some of the additional processes we also carry out in house. Undertaking all of the processing in house allows us to maintain tight control over lead times and quality. All of the glass we produce is done so under the guidance of our certified ISO 9001 quality management system and is in line with all current British Standards.

Our sustained growth over the years can be attributed to our quality workmanship, excellent customer service and the speed of response. Taken together these factors are attracting an ever-increasing clientele to rely upon Novaglaze for all of their glass requirements.

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