Coated Glass

Novaglaze can bend and curve glass that has been produced using a pyrolytic coating process. The coating allows the suns energy to enter the building and when incorporated into insulating units, significantly reduces heat loss. The effect of the coating is to reflect the long wavelength energy (generated by heating systems, lighting and building occupants) back into the building. However, the transparent coating still permits the transmission of short wavelength energy originating from the sun. This solar energy is absorbed by the internal surfaces of the building and re-radiated at the longer wavelengths, which are then reflected, by the coating, back into the building.

These are usually referred to by manufacturers trade names such as:

These are coated glass which prevents the (long wave infra red) heat from a room escaping and prevents the harmful rays (short-wave infra red) from entering the room.

These coated glasses can be toughened in our furnace, to the highest standards, and with exceptional optical quality.

For the external glazing of a building it must meet Document L standards.
Glass which has been coated using a vacuum sputtering or a similar method cannot withstand the high temperatures necessary for the glass curving process.