Annealed Curved Glass

Annealed Curved Glass is created by heating up flat glass into a mould. The heat softens the glass and then this in turn allows us to shape it. We offer a wide range of annealed glass products from patterned, wired, tinted and the Pilkington range of Pilkington K, Pilkington Activ Self Cleaning and more.

Annealed bends/curved glass is normally used in instances where safety is less of a priority such as picture frames. 

Annealed Curved Glass can be used in single & double glazed units however we recommend that safety factors are considered in these instances. 

Toughened Curved Glass

Toughened Curved Glass is one of Novaglaze’s finest products. Toughened glass is created from anneled glass which is heated and and rapidly cooled. This process adds stress to the glass which in turn strengthens the glass for added saftey benefits. An added benefit is that if the glass is stressed or impacted to a breaking point, the glass will shatter into small blunt fragments reducing the risk of injury.

We can toughen glass from 4mm to 19mm and can have a minimum radius of 500mm. 

We offer toughened glass in Low E, Low Iron, Tinted, Satin & Ceramic Painted.  

Laminated Curved Glass

EVA Laminated Curved Glass:

EVA Laminated Glass is a sheet interlayer and is an alternative to Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) Laminated Glass. Traditionally PVB was more commonly used however in recent years the performance and tolerances of EVA has caught up to that of PVB and often exceeds it. EVA has some significant benefits as it reduces the overall cost of production in comparison to PVB, which in turn is passed onto the end user or customer in the form of lower prices.

CIP Laminated Curved Glass: 

CIP Laminated Glass is a resin inter-layer laminated glass product. This is achieved by taking two pieces of glass and placing them parralell to each other with a small gap between them. Resin is then poured between the two pieces of glass and UV light is used to cure the resin causing it to solidify and therefore bonding the two panes of glass together. 

Curved Integral Units

Novaglaze offers a number of different curved integral units. This includes curved double glazed units & curved triple glazed units. We have the capability of producing oversized curved double glazed units and curved triple glazed units and all of our insulated glass units are hand made to ensure the highest quality.