Digital Printing On Glass

Forward-looking investment has meant that Novaglaze can now offer clients a full digital print service from conception through to production.

The options are almost only limited by your imagination and the ability to withstand the rigorous testing requirements. It is no longer the case where you could only buy a wired glass – we can now extend the design scope of architects and specifiers thus enhancing their creative flair.

Printing not only flat glass but also curved glass as well as for balustrades and canopies. Architects and designers alike can bring glass to life with ceramic printed imagery.

How does digital printing work?

The required image is digitally sent by the client to our skilled team, who then process the image. The image is then printed on the glass using ceramic ink, which is then fired into the glass during the tempering process.

Digital printing can be offered within the following parameters; up to 19mm thick, with a minimum size of 300 x 250 and a maximum size of 2800 x 3700. These panels can be ’tiled’ to create very large images.

Digital printing offers numerous benefits over more traditional screen-printing methods namely:

Eliminates screen costs:

Digital printing does not have any associated costs such as screens etc, thereby reducing financial costs to clients.

Eliminates screen storage:

Images are digitally stored, therefore reducing the need for storage commonly associated with screen printing.

Reduces manufacturing periods:

Digital printing significantly reduces manufacturing periods, due to the fact that there is no delay in waiting for screens to be manufactured.

Customer / artwork requirements

Artwork supplied in ideally raw state or workable formats such as:


Multi-colour printing

Digital printing means that several colours can be incorporated into one print, where as screen printing requries one screen per colour.

Variable data

The nature of digital printing means that the client’s details such as serial or part numbers can be altered easily between jobs


ai, eps, pdf and jpegs (high resolution photos).

If any of the above cannot be given, good quality print outs maybe acceptable for graphical reproduction. This includes photos and business cards